London mayor says Pakistan needs a ‘helping hand’ to unlock potential

Posted In: News Date:Dec 6th, 2017

Terming Pakistan an emerging market in the world, London Mayor Sadiq Iman Khan on Wednesday said the country’s people needed a “helping hand” to unlock their potential.

Speaking to an enthralled audience at the Alhamra Hall here, Khan stated that he is lobbying for greater visa ease for South-Asians.

“After leaving the European Union, the Commonwealth is a potential market for British trade,” he added.

Khan is currently on the second leg of his #Londonisopen tour that has seen him visit three cities in India and is now in full swing in Pakistan.

“Culture is the DNA of great cities and since Lahore is a cultural legacy the world over, I am here with the message that London is open for Lahoris and the wider Pakistani community,” he said.