Love beyond borders: American woman marries online lover from Pakistan

Posted In: News Date:Apr 15th, 2018

An American woman travelled all the way to Pakistani city Haripur to marry a man who she became friends with on Facebook almost a year ago.

Mary Kathleen, now Maryam, embraced Islam for her love Adeel Awan and the couple tied the knot joyously in presence of Adeel’s family in Haripur. Pictures of the wedding show Maryam clad in traditional bridal dress surrounded by Adeel’s family.

According to sources, the entire village attended the unique union of Maryam and Adeel, also to have a look at the American bride.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place. Earlier this year, a woman from Canada came all the way to Pakistan and marry a man who she befriended over Facebook.

 Agnetha  converted to Islam to marry Qaiser Abbas, a resident of  Jalalpur Bhattian.