Modi needs to improve ties with Pakistan: Chinese media

Posted In: News Date:Jun 10th, 2019

BEIJING: New Delhi’s strategic focus ought to be on its ties with Islamabad, although, according to a report of Western media, “there is little sign of a warming in relations with Pakistan”.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose the Maldives for his first foreign visit after his re-election. There Modi delivered a speech during which he called for a global conference on anti-terrorism, which shows that he attaches great importance to anti-terrorism and to increasing India’s influence in the Indian Ocean.

According to the Chinese media, Modi is reinforcing his “neighborhood first” foreign policy, which places India’s relations with neighboring countries as the topmost priority.

The 70-year conflict between India and Pakistan has brought tensions to the two countries’ relationship and has created instabilities in their border areas, in particular, the disputed Kashmir region.

This demands Modi to come forward to improving its relations with Pakistan as well.

There is nothing wrong if India reinforces its “neighborhood first” approach that aims to enhance its influence in the Indian Ocean. Its ties with the Maldives and Sri Lanka are important for regional stability and anti-terrorism cooperation.

Modi said in the Maldives that India wants to plug “the loopholes that terrorists and their supporters exploit.” Yet cooperation with Islamabad is indispensable to fight against terrorism if New Delhi wants to promote a global convention. The two sides must strengthen mutual trust and diminish the tensions before they can root out and dismantle terrorism.

Their contradictions have become the main problem for joint development in South Asia. If India-Pakistan ties improve and stabilize, India will gain more esteem in the region.