Pak's strategic duplicity, US naivety won't allow conflict in Afghanistan to end soon: Expert

Posted In: News Date:Jan 11th, 2018

For the United States to come up with a win-win strategy in Afghanistan, it will have to close the wide gap between theory and practice, and marshal all of its resources to compel Pakistan to stop supporting the Taliban and other terror outfits.

In an article written for and published by the website, U.S. Army Colonel (Retired) Robert M. Cassidy says, "The current U.S. Afghanistan strategy acknowledges that Pakistan's support and sanctuary for the Taliban is a major obstacle to success. Until the U.S.-led Coalition has a strategy that shuts down the sanctuary and factories for the Taliban in Pakistan, operational forces will continue to capture and kill Taliban and the Taliban will continue to regenerate and multiply, with a flow of Islamist militants into Afghanistan from the incubator-madrassas in Pakistan."

Col. (Retired) Cassidy, who now teaches at Wesleyan University, further says that it is essential for Pakistan to also change what he calls "its malicious strategic behavior", if the overall strategy for Afghanistan must not remain an illusion. If it does, he warns and cautions that the war in Afghanistan will continue and there will be no end in sight.