Pakistan: Capt Safdar rebels against wife, Sharifs after being arrested in corruption probe

Posted In: News Date:Oct 11th, 2017

ISLAMABAD: PML-N’s Captain (retd.) Muhammad Safdar, who is also son-in-law of deposed premier Nawaz Sharif, took to the NA floor to demand withdrawal of a decision by then PM Nawaz Sharif to name a department of the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) after Nobel laureate Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Salam, who belonged to the persecuted Ahmadiyya community.

The department should be named after a Muslim, he insisted.

Safdar's diatribe -- diametrically opposed to his wife Maryam's recent attempt to pose Sharifs as a moderate secular-leaning lot -- came after being arrested at Islamabad Airport and later released on posting a Rs. 5 million bond.

At the NA floor, Safdar asserted his stance on the inflammatory 'finality of Prophethood' matter, also known as 'Khatm-e Nubawwat', an oft-used public opinion redirection trick by Pakistan politicians who face legal scrutiny in corruption scandals.

Sharif, whose entire family is embroiled in corruption investigations, was recently ousted from his position as a premier after a Panama Leaks probe resulted in his disqualification.

In a dramatic speech, Safdar switched topic from  'Khatm-e Nubawwat' to Pakistan's intensely persecuted minority group, Ahmadiyya Muslims and demanded they be excluded from participation in important public service sectors in the country.

According to a report by The Express Tribune, Safdar called for a ban on hiring Ahmadis in the Pakistan armed forces and demanded administering of the 'Finality of Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad' oath to the officers of grade-22 and judges.