Pipeline isn't about 'punishing' B.C., it's about what's in the national interest, Trudeau says

Posted In: News Date:Apr 15th, 2018

Efforts to see the Trans Mountain pipeline through to completion are not about punishing people from B.C., but about ensuring a project in the national interest gets built, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday at the close of the Summit of the Americas in Lima.

"This is not about punishing British Columbians, this is not about hurting Canadians, this is about bringing forward a project in the national interest," he said. 

At the summit's closing news conference in Peru, Trudeau said Sunday's meeting in Ottawa between himself and the premiers of B.C. and Alberta will be about bringing people together. 

"Although there are folks on all sides of this debate who've looked to polarize and raise the temperature on this debate, the federal government has a responsibility to bring Canadians together and to do things that are in our national interest," he said. 

"We will do it in such a way that doesn't seek to further polarize or raise the temperature in this debate. We are looking to continue to bring people together. We will continue to do things that are responsible to get this pipeline built."