Salman Khan Wants To Have Children But His Conditions Will Confuse You

Posted In: News Date:May 23rd, 2019

Salman Khan is one of Bollywood’s biggest names and his life has always been at the center of attention in the media. From his relationships to his breakups, everyone who follows Salman Khan is kept abreast with his life happenings. Now that he’s well into his 50s, you would think questions around his marriage and relationships would stop but heck, they sadly haven’t.

His answer for the ‘marriage’ questions is still the same, ‘now is not the time’, or ‘I am not ready’. In this interview, Salman Khan is also asked about fatherhood and his response is both surprising but also the most ‘on brand’ for him.

He says that he wants to be a father, but he does not want ‘the mother’.