Students in southwestern Ontario are singing 'O Canada' in Ojibwe

Posted In: News Date:Dec 5th, 2019

While most schools across the country begin their days with the singing of the national anthem in English or French, some students in Southwestern Ontario are learning the anthem a different way.

At McNaughton Avenue Public School in Chatham, Ont., students have been singing O Canada in the Ojibwe language — and it all started in Beth Gellner's Grade 2 classroom.

"We took a look at the national anthem to see, what's the difference in thinking?" she explained.

After participating in an in-depth Indigenous training course, which included field trips to nearby First Nations as well as studying the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Gellner was determined to fold that into her teaching on a daily basis.

That's when she decided to teach her students how to sing the national anthem in Ojibwe.