Will China's Scramble For NKorea and SE Asia Or Africa Make U.S. Political Goals Possible?

Posted In: News Date:Jun 13th, 2018

It didn’t take long for the mainstream press to control the narratives over the Singapore summit. A narrative, that is, which is always within the most narrowest spectrums of news and political debate.
But make no mistake. The real driving force behind the U.S. finally wanting to sit down with North Korea over the possible denuclearization of the peninsula is China’s scramble for North Korea’s labor and resources. It’s moreover a scramble over southeast Asia and Africa where the U.S. is trying to play catch-up. After spending trillions of dollars on wasteful wars and military interventions, the U.S., to be sure, is finally waking up to a new global century of economic interconnections in which China is in the lead.