Yasir Hussain congratulates Iqra Aziz on winning best actress award

Posted In: News Date:Jul 9th, 2019

After winning big at the Lux Style Awards 2019, it is time for television actress Iqra Aziz to bask under glory. The actress won the best actress award for her performance in television drama ‘Suno Chanda’.

Yasir Hussain, actor, screenwriter and playwright, took to social media to congratulate her, now his fiancée, for winning the Best Actress Viewer’s Choice and Best Actress Critics Choice for Suno Chanda.

“Congratulations @iiqraaziz aik nahi 2 lux best Actress awards for Suno Chanda,” the actor wrote on Instagram. In his Instagram post, the actor hoped that his fiancee will win the same best actress award the next year, too.