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Canadian athletes say vaccine priority must go to vulnerable individuals, not Olympians


Reigning Olympic wrestling gold medallist Erica Wiebe instantly thought of her parents upon reading the headline.

Even the suggestion, as made by long-time IOC member Dick Pound on Wednesday, that athletes should be given priority access to COVID-19 vaccines caused her to ask, “would I want to get vaccinated before my mum and dad?

“They’re actually planning on going to Tokyo with me, and they hope to be vaccinated prior, but they’re in an at-risk population,” says the Stittsville, Ont., native. “So, if I had the choice, no I wouldn’t want to be prioritized over them.”

With her parents squarely in mind, Wiebe decided to push back against the speculation on social media by writing:

“I want to represent Canada in Tokyo. I want to continue to inspire the next generation of young boys and girls. But I need my community to be safe first and that means a measured, risk-based vaccination plan.”

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