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Modi will damage India more than any enemy: PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan has ruled out any possibility of talks with India, saying the Narendra Modi-led right wing Hindu nationalist government will cause tremendous damage to its own country more than any enemy.

“Time will tell that the Modi government will cause damage to the country more than its enemy,” the premier said while interacting with digital media representatives in Islamabad on Sunday.

He was responding to the question related to Pakistan’s foreign policy and any possibility of dialogue with the government in New Delhi. “No talks possible with India until they restore the autonomous status of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir [IIOJK],” he asserted.

Pakistan downgraded its ties with India in August 2019 when the Modi-led government abrogated the autonomous status of IIOJK besides deploying tens of thousands of additional troops and putting the disputed valley under military siege.

The premier also said that the only goal of Modi government is to “spread chaos in Pakistan”.

According to the Foreign Office more than 300 innocent Kashmiris, including women and children, have been martyred in fake encounters and staged cordon-and-search operations during the last one year in the Himalayan territory.

PM Imran said Pakistan after a long time has established “very respectful” relations with the United States. “We don’t have relations with the US like in the past when it would ask us to do more.”

Besides, premier maintained that Pakistan enjoyed cordial relations with others countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. “International relations is a dynamic process not a static. It constantly changes,” he said while responding to the question whether New Delhi overtures affecting Islamabad ties with its allies particularly Gulf countries.

“We don’t have adversarial relations with any country except India which is trying to destabilise Pakistan,” the prime minister said.

He was of the view that Pakistan’s main objective is to become financially sovereign to pursue its foreign policy goals without any external influence.

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