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Natalie Portman insulted Ranbir Kapoor when he asked her for a photo

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B-Town hero Ranbir Kapoor is known far and wide as a heartthrob and has had innumerable ‘crazy’ and frantic fan encounters as well.

However, the dreamboat once had a fan-boy moment himself that turned into an awkward one after he ran into Natalie Portman on the streets of New York City.

The Tamasha actor narrated the incident on The Kapil Sharma Show back in 2016 during the promotions of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

“Main New York ki sadak pe chal raha tha. Main bhaag raha tha actually, mujhe bohot zor ki bathroom aa rahi thi. Main bhaag raha tha hotel ki taraf aur woh phone pe baat karte hue aise guzar rahi thi. Nazar mili toh maine socha, ‘Yaar, yeh toh Natalie Portman hai.’ Toh main ghoom ke bhaag ke aaya aur kaha, ‘Ek photo, ek photo’ (I was walking on the streets of New York. Running, actually, as I needed to use the washroom urgently. I was running towards the hotel and she was passing by, talking on the phone. I realised that she was Natalie Portman so I turned around, ran to her and requested a picture),” he shared.

However, his star-struck moment did not go as planned. According to Ranbir, she angrily looked towards him and said: “Get lost, I say!”

“Par aisa nahi hai ki main kuch kum fan ban gaya. Kal bhi agar woh mujhe sadak pe mil jaaye, toh main bolunga, ‘Ek photo, ek photo’ (It is not like this made me any less of a fan than I already am. If I meet her on the street tomorrow, I will again request a picture with her),” he went on to say.

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