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China-Pakistan vaccine cooperation reflects joint efforts to fight Covid-19: spokesperson


Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Monday said that the vaccine cooperation between Pakistan and China not only reflected the sincere mutual assistance between the two all-weather strategic cooperative partners, but also reflected the duo’s efforts to promote vaccines as a global public product and improve the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.

“The vaccine cooperation demonstrates not only our mutual assistance as all weather strategic cooperative partners but also our joint efforts as two developing countries to make vaccine a global public good and to promote their accessibility and affordability in fellow developing countries”, he said during his regular briefing held here.

He informed that in the early hours today, a batch of inactivated Covid-19 vaccines donated by Chinese government to Pakistan arrived in Islamabad.

“It was the first batch of vaccine provided by the Chinese government to another country and a concrete step in honouring President Xi’s pledge of making Covid-19 vaccine a global public good,” he added.

He remarked that China and Pakistan are all weather strategic partners, adding, Since the Covid-19 began, the two countries have been supporting and assisting each other.

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