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PM Imran Khan proposes 5-point agenda to uplift developing countries in coronavirus-hit world


Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday proposed a five-point agenda to uplift agricultural sectors of the developing countries that faced a setback due to coronavirus.

The premier mentioned the five-point agenda during his address to the forty-fourth session of the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s Governing Council.

The conference, taking place on 17 and 18 February 2021, would focus on the overarching theme “Rural development: a prerequisite for global resilience, said IFAD.

PM Imran Khan, addressing the conference, said that over 20 countries are food insecure, adding that the World Food Programme has warned of famine in the world’s poorest countries and conflict zones.

He said that the world faces multiple challenges in recovering from the pandemic and achieving vital sustainable development goals of no poverty and zero hunger.

There is a lack of financing, shortage of investment, trade distortions, unsustainable consumption patterns, degradation of agricultural lands and forests, an impending water crisis, loss of biodiversity, and polluted rivers and oceans, he said

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