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ALERT-21 : The Last Message for Humanity


station passageway is crowded with face mask wearing commuters during a rush hour, in Tokyo. When the Japanese government declared an emergency to curb the spread of the coronavirus earlier April and asked people to work from home, crowds rushed to electronics stores. Many Japanese lack the basic tools needed to work from home. Contrary to the ultramodern image of Japan Inc. with its robots, design finesse and gadgetry galore, in many respects the country is technologically challenged.

You who are committed so that we can all live in peace. You, who have made a commitment so that we can all live in safety.You who have made a commitment to put assassins and criminals behind the bars.Be brave and watch this video to the end.Because people are in danger.Your friends are in danger.Your family is too…My name is Florian Piana and i am just a simple human being, like you, as we all.But i have a message for you.A message from several million people.People awake to everything that is going on with covid and future of our humanity.The number of which continues to grow every day,every hour, every minute.A last message from the heart, a last message from the people.A last message of hope.

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