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Defence Day: Will continue to expose real face of radicalised India, vows PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed Monday to keep on exposing the real face of a radicalised India to the world, in his message to the nation on Defence Day.

Pakistan marks September 6 every year to commemorate and pay rich tributes to martyrs and Ghazis of the armed forces and heroes from all walks of life who sacrificed their lives safeguarding the motherland against Indian forces during the 1965 war.

In a statement, the premier said the government “will continue to expose the real face of radicalized India” adding that due to his government’s aggressive diplomacy, the world was convinced that persecution of occupied Kashmir must soon come to an end.

“The saner international elements do recognize our role for peace”, he added.

The prime minister, however, warned India not to mistake Pakistan’s desire for peace as its weakness, adding that “it must be reciprocated for the sake of economic wellbeing and peoples’ prosperity in the entire region.”

The prime minister paid rich tribute to the Armed Forces of Pakistan, adding that when India attacked Pakistan during the 1965 war, the entire nation came out to support their army.

In his message, the premier said some even came out with their bare hands to support Pakistan Army.

“Such a display of national unity galvanized the already spirited armed forces in their fearless fight against the enemy, which has no parallel in history,” he remarked.

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