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Saudi-led coalition says over 150 Huthis dead in Yemen raids


RIYADH: The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen said Saturday it has killed more than 150 more Huthi rebels in the past 24 hours in raids around the northern pro-government bastion of Marib.

The coalition, which backs Yemen’s internationally recognised government, has reported near-daily strikes over the past month against the Iran-backed Huthis, each time claiming high losses.

The rebels, who have for months waged an offensive against Marib, rarely comment on losses. AFP cannot independently verify the Saudi tolls that total more than 2,000 dead in air strike since October.

“Fourteen military vehicles were destroyed and more than 157 terrorist elements eliminated” in the latest raids, the coalition said in a statement carried by the Saudi state news agency SPA.

The air strikes targeted two regions of oil-rich Marib province, Al-Jawf in the north and the south’s Al-Bayda, it said, as well as Sirwah, west of Marib city.

The Huthis began a major push to seize the city in February and, after a lull, they renewed their offensive in September.

Marib is the embattled government’s last stronghold in the north. A loyalist military official acknowledged Tuesday that the Huthis have made advances on the ground.

Yemen’s civil war began in 2014 when the Huthis seized the capital Sanaa, prompting Saudi-led forces to intervene to prop up the government the following year.

Tens of thousands of people have died and millions displaced in what the United Nations calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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