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Ranveer Singh says Pakistanis will ‘love’ a special scene in ’83


Ranveer Singh is ensuring entertainment for his Pakistanis fans with upcoming film ’83.

Speaking to media in a recent conference, Ranveer told a journalist that there is a special scene in ’83 that his neighbours across the border would absolutely love.

“I would only like to say that there’s a very special moment [in ’83], that you as a Pakistani will be very happy when you see it,” the actor shared with the journalist. “I wouldn’t tell you what that scene is. You’ll watch the film in a few days and then you will remember me when you watch that [particular] moment. It’s very special for me. This film is full of moments like these,” said Ranveer.

He further added, “It is a film for everyone. For kids, for the elderly, women, people from all walks of life. The way the trailer has resonated with everyone is a testament to that. But if you are a cricket nut, then this film is another trip altogether. If you know those players and you know those details, there are cricket keeras [enthusiasts], they will also be like ‘wah!'”

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