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Body of missing Pakistani-American woman found from Lakki Marwat: police


Wajiha Swati came to Pakistan from England on October 16 to resolve property issues with her ex-husband.
Swati was missing from Rawalpindi since October 16; her body was found in Lakki Marwat: police
Ex-husband “confessed to killing” Swati during police interrogation: police
ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI: The body of Wajiha Swati, a US citizen of Pakistani origin who went missing from Rawalpindi in October has been found, police said on Saturday.

City Police Officer Rawalpindi Sajid Kiani, addressing a press conference, said that the case is under investigation and the police will not divulge too many details at this point.

Kiyani did reveal some aspects that came to light during investigations, such as Swati arriving in Pakistan on October 16 and being received by her former husband, Rizwan Habib.

He went on to say that three people — Habib, his father and one other suspect — have been arrested in connection with the case.

The CPO said that Wajiha’s body was found from Lakki Marwat’s Pizu area and that it is being brought to Islamabad.

He said that further investigations are underway and further arrests are expected.

The police officer said that the probe team gathered sufficient evidence after which the arrests were made. He added that the US embassy sought details from the police owing to Swati being a US citizen.

“How the murder was carried out, what weapon was used, is something it would be too premature to comment on,” the CPO said.

He vowed that the police will ensure the culprits get their just desserts.

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