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200m of us will fight back, vows Bollywood’s Naseeruddin Shah after Hindutva hate speech against Muslims


Hate speech, inciting violence and calling for a genocide are the few things that were part of a recent Hindutva conclave held in India’s Haridwar where leaders of the right-wing made a call for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. In an interview with The Wire, actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed the pain and anger he felt as an Indian Muslim who had to hear and see extremists plan the massacre of his community.

He mentioned in the interview that the event seems to be a “concerted attempt to make Muslims feel insecure.”

“It is starting from the very top where Aurangzeb is being evoked and Mughal invaders are being invoked and the separatism seems to have become a policy for the ruling party,” he said.

“The fact that there is definitely an attempt to make us scared and that is something which I have always held as a placard that we should not be scared and, funnily, being scared is one of the accusations that is thrust upon me all the time,” he said.

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